Planting the seeds of tomorrow…in today’s youth.
While also planting the “concept” of career-path.


(Relevant Unique After-School Programs)


To provide progressive thoughts and ideas regarding career opportunities to elementary, middle school and high school students.


Expanding the possibilities in workforce development by directly impacting the number of employable inner-city teen-aged youth both during and after they can no longer attend public school.

First Look Forward: (I/T)
a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Servers
d. Satellite
e. Cabling
First Look Forward: (Radio, TV, Film, Music, Social Media)
a. On-Air Talent
b. Writing
c. Producing
d. Directing
e. Production
First Look Forward: (Sales & Marketing)
a. The Product
b. The Consumer
c. The Price
d. The Pitch
First Look Forward: (Cultural Competency & Proficiency)
a. Administrators
b. Teachers
c. Parents
d. Students
First Look Forward: (Ensure Your Success)
a. Personal Hygiene
b. Nutrition
c. Academics
d. Emotional Intelligence
e. Conflict Resolution, Self-Defense & De-Escalation



-Students explore Internet, wireless, satellite and cellular connectivity, as well as related

-Careers that service the IT industry.

Media Arts  -Students learn how to make TV, create photography, produce video, film & music… all while discussing potential career opportunities in each.

Marketing 101 – Students learn to research consumer products, how they are made and how they are brought to market.

Making Healthy Choices – Students discuss nutrition, personal hygiene, fitness and socially appropriate behavior including social media.

Careers in Construction – Students learn about the various aspects of working in construction: Design, Management, Administration & Labor.

The Art of Philanthropy – Students study several high-profile non-profits, develop an understanding of giving and create their own way to make a difference either in the school OR in the community.