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Educational Development

First Look Forward is planting the seeds of tomorrow's career paths in today's youth.
FLF has developed a relevant unique after school programming platform for elementary, middle and high school students.
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Educational Development…

Planting the seeds of tomorrow's Career Paths in today’s youth.

After School Platform for Elementary, Middle and High School After School Programming: IT, New Media-Arts, Marketing-101, The Art of Philanthropy & Careers in Construction

We at First Look Forward recognize the critical need for healthy engaging activities for elementary, middle and high school students after the traditional school day has ended.
Our programs will entertain these students, provide academic enrichment, equip them with relevant marketplace information and skill-sets that stress the importance of working in teams, developing leadership skills as well as enticing parent participation!
(Content, Lesson Plans, and Distribution will be supervised by Rudy Germany who has an MAED.)

IT – Students explore Internet, wireless, satellite and cellular connectivity, as well as related Careers that service the IT industry.

Media Arts – Students learn how to make TV, create photography, produce video, film & music… all while discussing potential career opportunities in each.

Marketing 101 – Students learn to research consumer products, how they are made and how they are brought to market.

Making Healthy Choices – Students discuss nutrition, personal hygiene, fitness and socially appropriate behavior including social media.

Careers in Construction – Students learn about the various aspects of working in construction: Design, Management, Administration & Labor

* Not all of our installations are inside schools. Some are at the Boys & Girls Club...
Some are at Parks & Recreation Centers.
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